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Our practice is built on three pillars: Medical, Telehealth and Wellness, and a holistic and preventive approach to finding your unique Cure; within our pillars, we offer Medspa, Salon, Spa, Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Health, Telehealth, and Medical. Each of our services is developed to help you obtain a higher quality of life.

We invite you to become a member and allow us to make Cure a wellness destination for you. Spend some time in our infrared sauna, enjoy the cryotherapy tank, or benefit from another relaxing and rejuvenating service. Enjoy each of our services while taking in an expansive ocean-view deck where you can appreciate Malibu’s natural beauty.

Our Telehealth Services give you a direct line to reach any of our medical professionals at Cure. Allow us to help guide you on your health journey. To achieve your health goals explore our membership program where you can benefit from constant communication with a health coach, access to all master practitioners, medical guidance via an at-home monitoring device, and more!

Monthly membership is available.

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Stay Safe, Save Time & Be Healthier with a Free TeleHealth Consultation


CURE is a members-only club that offers medical services to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Each member of CURE has access to our curated services and handpicked team of medical professionals by Medical Director & Co-Founder, Dr. Lisa Benya. As always, our facility is immaculate and our exclusivity ensures that each patient receives the highest level of safety and quality and service.


• Full Access to our master medical, health & beauty team including appointments, courses, lectures, demonstrations and other current programs to keep you updated on trending topics in health and beauty.

• 24/7 Connectability with your Concierge Agent via phone, text, and emails.

• Monthly Gift of our featured product of the month

• Monthly Session with your assigned Health Coach

• Monthly Consultation with your master of choice in any field

• Coordination of all Health Care including Prescription Fills, Specialist Booking/Data Transfer, Hospital Management, Centralized privacy protected storage of all health history and more.

• Preferential Scheduling to CURE Medspa and Salon

• Ability to utilize insurance for appointments and testing

• Global Affiliate Discounts

* Upon joining you’ll receive your

• Roadmap to better health to achieve your optimal health & beauty goals

• Monitoring device to allow us to see your vitals

• Box of Cure Membership Kit

Stay Safe, Save Time & Be Healthier with a Free TeleHealth Consultation

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Stay Safe, Save Time & Be Healthier with a Free TeleHealth Consultation

Our Story

Cure was established in 2007 in Malibu by a doctor and patient seeking to find a cure. Leaning on tried and true Western practices and exploration of alternative therapies, a solution was found and Cure emerged celebrating the value of both. Founders Dr. Lisa Benya and Michael McCauley have delivered unparalleled treatments for exceptional health, allowing Cure to achieve tremendous growth as a result.

Doctor Co-Founder | Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician | MEDICAL Director of CURE -Dr. Lisa Benya

Patient Co-Founder | Chronic Lyme Disease Patient | CEO of CURE -Mike McCauley

Dr. Lisa Benya and Michael McCauley make it their life’s mission to help others in finding their own unique Cure. Cure offers a unique and sophisticated combination of services that integrate both classic medical and new world holistic expertise for a pioneering approach to absolute health.

Mission Statement: CURE is committed to offering life-changing services and products to achieve a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle for each of its members. CURE looks not only to provide an exclusive experience, but also a higher quality of life.

CURE Guiding Principles.

• Our core business beliefs and practices are based on solid medical training

• We will only offer the safest, leading, evidenced-based products and treatments

• Customers can trust our treatments, products and staff

• Everything we do is driven by the customer, for the customer

• We strive to maintain a healthy state of body and mind


Stay Safe, Save Time & Be Healthier with a Free TeleHealth Consultation

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What kinds of conditions can I use telehealth for?
With CURE, you can address absolutely any health or beauty concern that you have! From high blood pressure to back pain to dark circles under the eyes, CURE has someone that can help you with all of body’s needs!
Can I pick the individual practitioner that I sign up with?
We believe that choosing the right practitioner that understands your needs is vital. And just as important as choosing these team members to assist on your journey to health, it is also key to have the continuity with your needs. CURE allows you to pick your team members and then keep these key members throughout your life!
I am not tech it difficult to do a telehealth appointment?
All it takes is a smart phone or computer and you are on your way! Our team can walk you through the process quickly and easily. A click of a few buttons and you are connected to a world class specialist
Stay Safe, Save Time & Be Healthier with a Free TeleHealth Consultation

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